Endlessly fascinating

It was that thing that she did without that much effort.

It could have been twice or maybe three times that I looked back. Maybe I lied and it was at least ten times that I looked back at her. Her embodiment of the perfect human physique was scarily real. The fluent movements of her paces and her ways were as natural as can be and were there for me to follow.

The fiery black hole sun laid eyes on the cool blue ocean. But this was bad, real bad, because the ocean would dissolve the sun if they’d ever hook up. So when her eyes crossed mine I realised that she was day and I was night and she was lively and I’d just drag her to the bottom.

I stood up, got my stuff together, looked back once more and then she said: “Life’s just around the corner. Let’s have a cappuccino there together.”

– Thuy