A’DAM, Huidenstraat

‘I’m not into fashion at all’

Name: Marco
Age: 22
Education: ‘I’m an exchange student studying graphic design at the Rietveld Academie.
Where do you live?
‘In Amsterdam, but I’m originally from Lugano in Switzerland.’

Where did I spot you? In Huidenstraat

I spotted Marco when he passed me riding his bike in Huidenstraat. The slouchiness of his outfit caught my eye, but I was enjoying my drink and the sun too much to chase him down for a picture. Luckily he walked past me several minutes later, so I could take a closer look at his outfit and take his picture.

So, why did you choose graphic design? ‘I gradually got into graphic design. I never actually planned on studying it, but maybe drawing cars all the time as a child has got something to do with it.’

What are you wearing? ‘The vintage jacket is from the Red Cross in Geneva. The colours are a bit odd. I think I found the pants in Zurich, but I’m not sure. My shoes are Nikes.’

What’s your inspiration? ‘Oh, I’m not into fashion at all. I just want my clothes to be cheap. I like affordable stuff.’

Marco has put a very vintage, but sober outfit together. The jacket is especially nice. The colours ARE odd. It’s very true that having style is not equivalent to spending big bucks on luxury pieces. It’s very charming that he says he’s not into fashion at all, but still can pull off a very personal look. That’s what made him stand out.