Paris, le quartier Saint-Paul

“I love to shop on the internet”

Name: Florian
Age: 21
Education: Graphic Design and Contemporary Art in Paris.
Where do you live? In a suburb of Paris.

Where did I spot you? In le quartier Saint-Paul (Saint-Paul district)

Describe your style: “I don’t have a particular style. I just wear whatever I like.”

What are you wearing? “The coat is a gift from my mom, the vegan leather jacket and jeans are from April77. I got the jeans for 12 euros in a private sale. The scarf is from American Apparel, the ring is from Harpo and I bought the bracelet at Le Sacré Coeur. The shoes are from a Korean web shop, but I don’t know the brand.”

Where do you shop? “I love to shop on the internet. Especially at I also like vintage stores.”

Florian has a very French look, although I can’t put that look into words. It’s just so Parisien, which I like very much. He is donning a few items from the cool vegan(!) Parisian label April77. This means the leather jacket that he’s wearing is totally vegan. It’s a big plus that Florian didn’t care if it’s real leather or not. Vegan is hot. Ok, that was cheesy. The well put together and clean (look at the nice shoes) rock ‘n’ roll look with a nice attention to detail may have added to his Parisien look.