Paris, Rue de la Roquette

“My grandfather had great style”


Name: Baptiste
Age: 22
Education: Art History
Where do you live? Paris, Metro station Père Lachaise area.

Where did I spot you? At Rue de la Roquette.

“I lived in London for a year for my studies, so this city is still a big inspiration for me. I’m very into vintage clothing. I like to go through my grandfather’s closet. He was into vintage clothing as well and had great style. I was close to my grandfather, he was very dear to me.

I’m now on my way to The Tape. It’s an English pub with rock ‘n’ roll music and it has graffiti on the walls. Other places I go to are Le Marché des Enfants Rouges. It’s a market where you can buy all sorts of foods and vegetables.”

Jacket: “From a vintage shop in New York.”
Cardigan: “My grandfather’s. It’s very old.”
Jeans: The Kooples (French brand)
Shoes: “Belonged to my grandfather’s.”

Baptiste detailBaptiste detailBaptiste detail


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